I'm trying to get help anywhere I can and a friend recommended I post this here.

My business has used AWS for around 3 years and our normal usage is $1k per month in EC2 and S3. In early March a hacker accessed our AWS account through my login via an IP address in Austria (I'm in Austin, TX). They spun up 3 large instances of EC2 which began charging us $1k-$2k per day.

In mid-April, while reviewing our books for the month of March, I saw a $26k charge from AWS. I thought it was a typo as $2.6k and asked the accountant. She stated that was the correct amount. I immediately got my dev team involved and we discovered the 3 instances to which we did not have any access to and stopped them immediately.

I opened a support case immediately which somehow got posted twice. Because the case was posted twice, the support team marked both cases as duplicates. I reopened one of the cases, it was resolved again as a duplicate. This has now happened several times.

I Googled around looking for a way to escalate this matter and found the following emails and cc'ed them on May 5th with an urgent plea via the original support case thread with another summary of the issue and links to my cases with my phone number to no avail.,,

That email was ignored and I'm not sure where I can turn to next. I've tweeted about this and tagged AWS here -

I'm not sure where to go next, can anyone give me any advice?