In 15 years following online scams and schemes, the twitter crypto giveaway the most profitable and lucrative I have even seen. There is nothing that compares to it in terms of consistent $ and profits and no risk of consequences. You'd have to sell millions of dollars of pills to equal the daily profit of a single twitter scammer, so this much smaller footprint makes the scma especially hard to trace and effectice and under the radar and quasi legal. By tracking wallets, I estimate the total take to be $40-60 million on twitter alone at today's prices of bitcoin and ethereum and doge. Total complicity by twitter to allow it to continue for years on end. It makes you wonder if twitter employees are not being bribed to allow the scam to run and then pull it down after elon makes a new tweet. The scammers make way more $ than twitter engineers that's for sure. Americans are being scammed by this and congress should demand an explanation as to how it can continue. Attorney generals need to be notified.