So they give my man Dr. Joe Park a tad more screentime. He gets to narrate a little, cool. But I literally yelled out loud “Wow” when they finally show him with Tayshia and of course, it’s of them eating with chopsticks and him showing her a photo of his family. As an Asian/Brown girl, I felt so genuinely insulted and personally offended. My dude has so much to offer and the two times he’s gotten actual spotlight has been around being Korean like Margaret Cho, and eating with chopsticks, and having the stereotypical huge Asian family. I’m pissed. For the record, I love the increase in Joe love on the sub and on social media, but for real, this is not cool. The token Asian narrative is truly offensive. We want diversity but this is not it. This shit had producers high fiving each other for “diversity” when they were editing. That makes my skin crawl and I can’t make a fist thinking about it. ETA: -Copied and pasted multiple times so adding this: In my high school, a lot of us were Asian and most of our parents came from families of 7-12 siblings so all of us had lots of cousins! I’ve always thought it was typical for Asians to have big families growing up but I guess it’s not as widely stereotypical as I thought. -I understand being Asian is part of what makes him great and I appreciate that. I am a proud Asian but I do not appreciate the blatant obvious tokenism here. He played guitar on the date too but they went with the chopsticks clip. -Of course Joe was ok with showing these things on screen but this whole sub screamed producer manipulation when Clare got an awful edit. So I can scream producer influence on these token Asian clips. -Dude is a doctor too and producers consistently mention Bennett and Harvard, but focus on Joe being Asian. Why not also mention he’s a doctor too? -Don’t forget they also did night one origami with Clare. Past contestants have made it clear that producers guide you on what to make your entrance. Of course they influenced this even if he was ok with it. -I realize not all Asians will have the same feelings as me and I am not speaking for everyone. I am speaking for myself.